ECO C 60

Technicial Specifications:

  • 25% lighter system weight,
  • Aluminum profile wall thickness up to 2 mm,
  • Newly designed EPDM wicks with high impermeability,
  • Cylinder type, non-detachable from outside, new design hinges that can be adjusted when wing is attached,
  • Highly durable and economical new design corner blocks,
  • 60 mm profile frame depth,
  • Production of QUALANOD and QUALICOAT certified profiles in natural anodized and white painted colors,
  • Static diagrams that facilitate all processes,
  • Successfully completed KAPEDAM / Turkey performance tests,
  • Application areas are gates, lame windows, window systems, office partitions,
  • Types of opening, inward and outward opening door, normal opening, double wing, lame window, collision door
  • System width: 128 mm
  • System depth: 60 mm